We believe in a well-balanced wardrobe for the modern man consisting of well thought through essentials. We dress men throughout the week, from Mondays at the office to a relaxed weekend getaway.

We prefer to call our items 'intelligent essentials'. We always aim for a circular wardrobe. For example, a blue or brown jacket you can wear on formal and informal occasions with the perfect white and blue shirt. A denim shirt you can wear to the office or on the weekends. Our experience in taking the right measurements and knowledge of fabric performance will make sure you’re leaving with the right items fitting your lifestyle.

We only work with the best materials available. Our fabrics come from the most renowned mills in Italy and the UK doing their specialty for decades. Luxury woolen qualities for business wear, wool with mohair or silk mixes for festivities and longer cotton staples for the best shirting fabrics.

The NASSAU style can be characterized by combining your unique fit with our more soft and airy way of tailoring. We don’t work with padded shoulders, heavy canvassing or any other characteristics restricting your comfort. We work with one (1) fit only and that is yours. We believe in your unique fit that is complemented by our house style.

We think a wardrobe in an understated color palette is the way to go. Matching beautiful natural fibers with different constructions or finishes creates a versatile and wide wardrobe useful for every setting.


1. Arrange an appointment
We operate by appointment or chance. So please get in touch and we can organise a fitting with one of us in our Showroom in Bussum.

Depending on your location, we are happy to come to you for a private at home or in-office appointment. Essentially, whatever is easiest, we'll work around you to make the process fun and easy!

2. Taking measurements and discuss styling
With a wide selection of the finest mainly Italian and British fabrics and plenty design options, we're here to give you the best possible advice to ensure that you look and feel your best. We are here to work with you to make sure that together we can build your ideal wardrobe of Intelligent Essentials.

Every client gets their own individual pattern, making sure that the end result is not only a perfectly balanced garment, but one that will change your view on a man's wardrobe.

3. Fitting and delivery
Your garments will be ready in about 4 weeks. We will stay in touch throughout the process. Once your garments arrive we'll contact you for a fitting, where together, we review your garments and work out any adjustments that need to be made.

We're here to make sure you're as happy as possible with the result!


Productie en werkwijze

Suits € 700.00

Jackets from € 500.00

Trousers from € 230.00

Shirts from € 130.00

Overcoats from € 550.00

Sneakers from €220.00